Our Cookies

"Sofia has spent more than two decades mastering Latin and European cookies that you see before you. Made using the finest ingredients, best practices, and love, they are sure to either stimulate your taste buds and/or embody itself as the perfect gift."

Carefully Made delicacies inspired by recipes around the world


Original Alfajores

Our most popular South American cookie consisting of 2 shortbread cookies sandwiched between a creamy and thick Dulce De Leche


Mexican Wedding Cookies

A popular cookie with a walnuts, and almonds, encased in a coat of powdered sugar



Famous in Germany, The Linzer is a shortbread cookie with hazelnuts and a combination of chocolate spread and raspberry jam


Cinnamon Alfajores

A unique twist to our best selling cookie, a hint of cinnamon makes this wonderful cookie even better


Lemon Zest

A Passion Pastry original, the Lemon Zest is also a shortbread cookie with a nice addition of lime to give it a tang, topped with a pinch of dehydrated lime shavings


Blonde Brownie

An updated version to the beloved brownie, ours adds a layer of roasted coconut, almonds, and walnuts to give it it’s blonde and light color