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Our Story

Started in 2008 as a means for a second income, Sofia decided to make a living from her passion. With culinary degrees and a love for making edible art, she first began baking cakes and pastries for her friends. That soon evolved into a demand which brought in more people curious and hungry for her pastries. Now with the whole family on board they go to farmers markets and wineries  selling their locally well known goods while taking private orders whenever anybody pleases to have them.  Their goal is to provide delicious art which will accompany the good memories you make at those special events that you will remember for a lifetime.

" I loved baking cakes and cookies for my family and friends, but being able to share it with the whole world while supporting my family brings a whole new level of happiness and bliss."

Our Founder Sofia Orozco



Home made recipes all created to either stimulate your taste buds and/or embody itself as the perfect gift.



Delicious custom edible creations to help catalyze those important events and unforgettable memories.

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“Hand Made marshmallow figurines for little ones that will be sure to brighten their day.”