Each alfajor is approximately 3/4 inches in diameter.

Individually wrapped Alfajor is approximately 2 1/2 inches in diameter.

Torta de Alfajor is 6 inches in diameter.

Alfajor Flavors

Original - Decadent dulce de leche (Caramel) filling and sprinkled powdered sugar on top and bottom.

Coconut - Decadent dulce de leche (caramel) filling coated with coconut flakes around the edge.

Liquor - Decadent dulce de leche (caramel) filling with brandy and powdered sugar on top and bottom.


Torta de Alfajor- is a small cake 6 inches in diameter with 4 short bread type of cookie and filled 3 times with dulce deleche coated with coconut flakes around the edge.

Cake Flavors

Yellow                   3 Leches

Marble                  Chocoflan

Chocolate             Irish Cream Bundt Cake

Cake Fillings

Dulce de Leche

Whipping Cream with Strawberries, Peach, or Pineapple

Chocolate whipping Cream

Cake Icing

Whipping Cream

Chocolate Whipping Cream

Almond Buttercream



Cake Pricing

Size                   Servings                 Price

9”                               12                            $45.00

10”                             17                            $55.00

12”                             24                            $70.00

14”                             36                            $85.00

1/2 Sheet                   48                            $90.00

This cake pricing is just for standard decoration. For all other custom decoration there will be an additional charge depending of the intricacy of each cake.

Tiered cakes start at $3.00 per serving and fondant cakes start at $5.00 per serving.

Alfajores And Mexican Wedding Cookies Pricing

Individual Artistic Alfajor                                                                $5.00

Individual Original Alfajor                                                               $4.00

Box of 8 Alfajores                                                                              $8.00

Box of 8 Mexican Wedding Cookies                                              $8.00

Box of 4 Mexican Wedding Cookies and 4 Alfajores                   $8.00

Box of 16 Alfajores                                                                           $18.00

Box of 16 Mexican Wedding Cookies                                            $18.00

Box of 8 Mexican Wedding Cookies and 8 Alfajores                   $18.00

Box of 25 Alfajores                                                                           $22.00

Torta de Alfajor                                                                               $25.00

Marshfellows                                                     $5.00 each


9” Flan also available for  $25.00

Pricing and Flavors

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